Camber Sands: From Dunkirk to Daleks, a Beach with Star Power

Camber Sands, with its vast expanse of golden sand and dramatic dunes, has captivated not just sunbathers and kite surfers, but filmmakers too. Its unique, shifting landscape and proximity to London have made it a popular filming location for decades, offering a world of cinematic possibilities.

Stepping Back in Time:

History buffs will recognize Camber Sands for its role in recreating the dramatic evacuation of Dunkirk. Both the 1958 and 2017 versions of the film used the beach to stand in for the French coastline, with Camber’s windswept sands convincingly portraying the tension and desperation of the wartime drama.

But Camber isn’t just about war stories. The charming beach has also doubled for sun-drenched Egypt in a Carry On film and even witnessed an invasion by Daleks in an episode of Doctor Who. For cinephiles, a stroll along the sands might just conjure up images of Michael Caine filming his latest project, “The Great Escaper.”

More Than Just a Backdrop:

Beyond its chameleon-like ability to transform into different places and times, Camber Sands offers filmmakers practical advantages. Its wide, open spaces are ideal for large-scale productions, while its proximity to London and other amenities makes it logistically convenient. The area also boasts a skilled local crew and support services, ensuring a smooth shoot.

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Whether you’re a seasoned director scouting locations or a curious film fan wanting to walk where movie history was made, Camber Sands has something for everyone. And with Owlers Retreat as your cozy home base, you can experience the magic of the movies firsthand. So, grab your script, pack your swimsuit, and book your stay at Owlers Retreat – your next blockbuster might just be born on Camber Sands.

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